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'Anant Urja' offers energy-conserving solutions to retail and industrial consumers in India. 'Anant Urja' services the Sinhgad Technical Education Society , Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth among the big names in Pune. Our clientele have found our systems durable, trouble-free, and easy to operate and maintain.

A young and eager enterprise like 'Anant Urja' has distinct advantages :

  • Relentlessness in identifying the best options to offer to the customer.
  • Industriousness in making these options work for the customer.
  • Total commitment to serve unique customer needs.

We go to great lengths to design the perfect SWHS for you - thorough analysis, accurate sizing, and precision plumbing and installation backed by a strong fabrication team to customize the SWHS according to your specific site requirements.

But that's not all. You also get real service, in evrything we do we add somthing that can't be bought or measured with money - sincerity and integrity.

If you do a little comparative shopping around, you'll surely find that this deal is cheap at half the price !

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