Solar Water Heater

H] Payback Calculations in India
Customer Domestic    
System Capacity in Ltr/Day 200 Liter per Day  
System Output Temperature Dec C. 60 Degrees Celcius  
No. of Solar Collector 2 nos.  
Energy Calculations
Average Ambient Temperature 25 Degrees Celcius  
Heat gained per day from the System 7000 Kcal per Day  
Heat gained per year assuming 300      
sunshine days a Year 2100000 Kcal per year  
Energy Savings
Fuel Used Electrical    
Calorific Value of fuel 880 Kcals/Kg  
Combustion Efficiency 100%    
Conversion Efficiency 85%    
Equivalent Energy Saved Through Solar in Kgs 2,872.78    
Equivalent Energy Saved Through Solar in ltrs 2,872.78    
Cost of Electrical Tarrif Rs. 5.00 Per Unit
Cost Saved Per Year Through Fuel Rs. 14364  
Cost Saved in Fuel Cost Inflation per Yr Say@15% Rs. 1723.67  
Cost Saved in Maintenance Say@ %Per Year Rs.    
Total Saving Per Year Rs. 16088  
Considering Depreciation
Cost of The System Rs. 31000.00  
Initial Investment Depreciation Fuel Balance
  Tax Benefit Saving at yr. end
31000   16088 14912
14912   16088 1176 (pure savings in year 2)
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